In the 2015 mad max video game you can change and unlock new armor upgrades for max. no​ jacket: This is the weakest outfit in the game, doing nothing to help protect max in combat. The armor consists of dust coated biker boots, dusty, worn out leather pants, a leg brace made of scrap, suspenders and max's bullet necklace and dogtags. Scav skivy: This armor protects max from 10% of damage taken in combat. The outfit consists of a white, slightly bloodstained, worn out long sleeve shirt missing a portion of the right sleeve, much like max's original jacket. The only thing changed from the base armor is a smaller suspender. Patrol leathers: This jacket protects max from 20% of damage taken in combat. This is also the first armor to actually feature a jacket. The armors appearance is largely unchanged from the previous armor. the articles added are a battered and beaten leather jacket. keeping with mad max tradition the jacket is missing it's right sleeve, Most of the zippers on the jacket are maimed and non functioning. the zipper and teeth on the left cuff of the jacket seem to have been lost long ago and bungee cord takes their place to close up the sleeve. The jacket is held closed by max's belt. The right side of the jacket has Max's signature football pad. Shank leather: This armor negates 30% of all damage taken in combat. the armor is an upgraded variant of the patrol jacket with an added bandolier and a light, camoflauged military vest. Militia panel leather: This armor negates 40% of all damage taken in combat. This is max's second best armor consisting of a heavy set of military combat gear over his patrol leather. Max's black leather jacket: This armor is unlocked after completing the main story. It is the best armor in the game negating half of the damage taken in combat. this armor looks almost exactly like it did in road warrior, the only differences start with the completely broken zipper, being held somewhat shut by max's holster. another minor difference is max's shirt being mpre noticable than it was in road warrior with a longer, but overall tattered right sleeve. the last noticable difference is Max's boots. long gone are the MFP boots of the second movie being replaced by two mismatched brown boots.

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