Anuty vehicle

Aunty's Vehicle

Aunty Entity drives a custom vehicle appearing to be powered by both combustion engine and a turbine engine.

Technical spec. Edit

Very little is known about the vehicle Aunty Entity drives in the movie. The original concept art by Ed Verreaux reveals that the vehicle was to have twin supercharged engines and twin turbine engines. The design was downsized and modified for the movie. Only one turbine engine was ultimately in the vehicle and one functional combustion engine. The vehicle was capable of carrying four passengers. It was modified into an automatic for Tina Turner who could not drive a manual transmission car. Tina did not require a stunt driver for most of the driving scenes seen in the movie.

Appearance on screen Edit

The vehicle makes its first appearance driven by Aunty right after the destruction of Bartertown. Aunty later switches seats with an Imperial Guard so that she can mount the escaping train-truck. She later drives the car to Max after he rams Ironbar Bassey in a head-on collision. After sparing Max's life she then drives off in this vehicle yet again.

Appearance off screen Edit

After the movie's premiere, the vehicle was displayed at the Sydney & Melbourne Motor Shows in 1985 along with other Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome vehicles. After that, the vehicle was held in storage for almost ten years along with other movie vehicles until they were all destined to be destroyed in 1994.

Destruction Edit

The vehicle - along with other movie cars - was transported to Simsmetals St Mary's facility in western Sydney. The tyres were salvaged, but the vehicle itself was destined to be destroyed under Kennedy Miller's representative's eye.

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