Max, barry and goose
Portrayed By
David Cameron
She's the last V8, she sucks NITRO.

– Barry

Barry was the Main Force Patrol's garage mechanic and was accountable for the creation of the V8 Interceptor. He was portrayed by David Cameron in Mad Max.


Barry was the chief mechanic within the Main Force Patrol's garage. By order of Fifi Macaffee and Labatouche, it was his responsibility to entice Max Rockatansky to remain on the force by seducing him with vehicular eye-candy.

Barry then spent considerable time bringing together various vehicular parts to create the iconic V8 Interceptor. When it was near completion, Jim Goose brought Max down to the underground garage to show him Barry's work. Max was consequently amazed by Barry's creation. When Toecutter's gang killed Goose and Max's family, he took Barry's Interceptor to later wage a personal war on the territory's gangs.

Barry's V8 interceptor became both a vehicular weapon and a mobile home for Max in the years to come; if it had not been for his work, The Road Warrior may not have come into existence.


  • In the credits, Barry is simply listed as "Underground Mechanic".

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