It's a class job. One mistake, and it'll blow the crap out of this place! Literally.

– Blackfinger


Blackfinger was a mechanic who worked in Bartertown. He appeared in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.


Blackfinger is the chief vehicle engineer of Bartertown. He first appeared trying to disarm the self-destruct mechanism on Max's vehicle. He was advised not to by Max himself who later was ordered to disarm the booby-trap by Master Blaster. He later makes an appearance in the Underworld chasing Max, and also participates in the chase of the train-truck. He is ordered by Aunty Entity to hold onto the train-truck and the train car until Auntie retrieved Master for a brief moment. His last appearance is at the very end of the chase where he points a gun at Max along with other Imperial Guards of Aunty Entity.


Blackfinger wears a studded helmet with a head strap and occassionally a pair of goggles with makeshift padding. On his back is a skateboard that he uses to get under the vehicles. On his right arm is a peculiar forearm aparatus connected to his fingers. His weapon of choice is a short barreled pump action shotgun.


  • The term "blackfinger" is used in Mad Max: Fury Road, albeit slightly modified. Nux is called a "blackthumb", aka a mechanic. The term itself stems from the fact that mechanics often have their hands and fingers covered in mechanical grease all the time.
  • In the 2015 video game, Chumbucket is referred to as a "blackfinger" in reference to his skills as a former mechanic for the Scrotus Horde.

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