Buick Special 4-door Sedan 1948 "Buick"

A vehicle simply known as "Buick" is a highly modified 1948 Buick Special 4-door Sedan. Originally a Polecat vehicle, this vehicle is listed as "Polecat no.7" in production documents.

Technical spec.

The vehicle was originally obtained in a rough shape, but only its shell was used for the final vehicle seen in the movie. The car was stripped to bare metal by Cameron Manewell's sandblasting. Originally this vehicle was designed to be a Polecat vehicle and was designated as "Polecat #7" in the production documents. A dually wheel setup was installed in the back and heavy duty front wheel kit was equipped in the front. Unfortunately the vehicle could not be installed with a functioning pole so it was given a different role. A slew-ring turret and an anti-aircraft gun were installed in the roof of the car, with two thundersticks fitted onto front fenders and attached to the roof as well. The bonnet was cut in the front to make space for a massive air filter.

Appearance on screen

The vehicle's main role is to guard The Gigahorse and Immortan Joe. The vehicle is only visible in a few scenes, but never engages in any combat despite it's menacing appearance and firepower. The vehicle is seen making its way through the canyon and following The Gigahorse on several occassions.[1]

Appearance off screen

The 'Buick' left Namibia in good shape and was used to promote the movie at the Sydney Opera House Mad Max: Fury Road premiere. Currently the vehicle is kept in storage.


Ford Fairlane ZG 1974 aka 'Cop Car' in Mad Max 2 (the vehicle that gets engulfed in flames with molotov cocktails) had a front grille from a 1947-48 Buick - not unlike the one seen in Mad Max: Fury Road.




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