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Chevrolet Utility 1950's "Caltrop no.4"

Caltrop #4
is a Chevrolet Utility circa 1950. The vehicle is briefly visible in one scene in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Technical spec.

Very little is known about this vehicle. The shell of the car is from a Chevrolet Utility, 50's model. The chassis is from a Nissan Patrol. No other information have been gathered on this car.


The car is designated as a Caltrop vehicle, however it is difficult to determine if it has any spike deployment device in the back. it has a cross in the front, three working headlights, a number of thundersticks in the back. Originally the car was meant to be rusty, but in the final product it appears to have been ground to bare metal.

Appearance on screen

The car shows up on screen for only a brief moment. After Max plants DIY mines on the tracks left by the War Rig, two vehicles follow pursuit right along the tracks, one o them being Caltrop #4. Shortly after both of the cars drive into the mines and are promptly destroyed.

Despite the vehicle being destroyed in the plot, it appears several times again blended into the background of the chase armada in the movie, briefly enough not to be noticed.

Appearance off screen

The vehicle seems to have been destroyed during filming.


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