Gang member
Motorcycle [citation needed]
Portrayed By
Bertrand Cadart

Clunk was a member of Toecutter's motorcycle gang. He was portrayed by Bertrand Cadart in Mad Max.


Clunk began as an informal brain surgeon back in his day, however he turned against his wishes, and joined Toecutter's motorcycle gang under the impression of a better life.[citation needed] He was known as a quiet member of the gang, and therefore not much attention was brought to him. He frequently changed emotions at different times, sometimes laughing manically, or having a stone-cold impression. Aside from that, he does not seem to express much emotion at all, and is an extremely minor character.

Clunk took part in one notable vehicular heist with his other gang members. In a calculative and stealthy operation, Clunk stole a large amount of of petrol from a fuel tanker for Toecutter. His role in the theft was to drive in front of the tanker to slow its approach, letting remaining members siphon off its fuel. In the final chase between Max Rockatansky and Toecutter's gang, he is ran off of the bridge along with Mudguts, making his fate uncertain.

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