The Cult of Combustion is an automobile and engine based Wasteland religion of the character known as Chumbucket who is originally from Gas Town, from the video game known as Mad Max (2015 video game). Its unclear if Chumbucket is the only one who believes in this cult or if there were others from Gas Town that believe in this cult and may have also helped give Chumbucket some of these religious ideas. It is known that some of Chumbucket's ideas about this cult came from Clairvoyant dreams.


This Wasteland religion was centered around a deity known as The Angel of Combustion. Its also centered on a prophesied hero character which Chumbucket calls the "Warrior Saint". Its later revealed in the game that Max is his saint. Unlike the Cult of the V8 wasteland religion which seems to have Norse characteristics, the Cult of Combustion seems to have more Christian characteristics. However It does share a characteristic in common with Cult of the V8 , and that common thread being the Idol worship, Although The Cult of the V8'S idol was the V8 it is known that the idol of Cult of Combustion was the Magnum Opus car itself in its entirety not just its V8.

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