The Wasteland is home to various groups of survivors and war hoards. At the beginning of the Oil Wars, corruption and desertion within Australian police and military forces led to an increase of gang crime in communities such as Wee Jerusalem. Throughout the subsequent water wars and nuclear exchange known as the Pox-eclipse, most human beings either perished or were reduced to ruin. Elements of the decentralized Australian Army as well as gangs, ex-policemen, roughnecks and the few strong or savvy enough to survive the destruction of society would evolve to become fearsome armadas that ruled or contended with those who attempted to scratch out a meager existence in the wasteland.

Pre-collapse Factions

  • Australian Army

Survivor Bands and Settlements

War Hordes and Scavengers

- Mohawkers: band of bikers led by Wez, Lord Humungus' lieutenant.

- Gayboy Berzerkers: Former members of Australian police forces.

- Smegma Crazies: Warriors armed with polearms that drive dune buggies and salvaged junkers.

Bullet Farm.

It is unclear whether the original defenders of Citadel were motivated to eventually establish a bartering settlement in order to profit off of the aquifers, if they were prone to the formation of a tyrannical warlord kingdom such as that of Immortan Joe's, or if they were simply attempting survive in isolation.