Snake truck

Ford F-100 1970 "Snake Truck"

The red truck with a snake motif on the doors driven by skinheads is a modified Ford F-100.

Technical spec. Edit

The vehicle is a highly modified fifth generation Australian Ford F-100. Its Australian heritage is not only visible by the right hand drive configuration, but also white parking lamp and indicator lights that were white until the change in Australian law in 1973. The grille matches F-100's from 1970-72. The vehicle was an all wheel drive.

Movie modification Edit

Much like many other F-100's used in for the movie, this one has been heavily modified. The cab has been cut off to accommodate for a boat windshield. Roll bars were installed for both the driver and the passenger. The bed of the truck was cut down to make space for a towing rig and a four-barrel dart gun. Two zoomie-style exhaust pipes were installed on each side, above which a yellow signal lights were installed. The front of the vehicle sported four additional lights, the bonnet was modified with two sets of perforations. The indicator lights were painted over. Each door of this vehicle has an individual snake motif.

Appearances on screen Edit

The vehicle is first seen collecting The Golden Youth's dead body after Humungus' first attempt at bargaining with occupants of The Compound. It is later used for torturing the the captured members of The Compound. Its most prominent role, however is seen during the final chase after the Mack truck with Wez on board. Wez jumps onto the vehicle from Humunguses truck and throws an anchor inside the Mack truck's cab. The anchor catches the door and rips it off. Shortly after, Wez shoots the dart gun at the Warrior Woman, critically injuring her. He then pulls up next to the truck and helps the Bearclaw Mohawker climb up the tanker. The vehicle is then rammed and thrown off the road. After Max decides to turn around, the Snake Truck gets hit by the tanker and is damaged significantly with its bonnet barely hanging on.

After Max crashes the truck, the Snake Truck is seen driving away into the distance.

Appearances off screen Edit

The truck, being one of the very few, managed to survive the filming. It was acquired by one of Broken Hill locals and kept in the same area as the remains of duplicate V8 Interceptor and buggies used in the movie. The vehicle was put up on display a couple of times ever since, however, the owner refuses to sell it nor care for it properly.

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