Ford F250 "Clawcar #1" is a vehicle driven by members of The Bullet Farm.

Technical spec.

The "Claw Car #1" is a modified 1980 Ford F250 tow truck. The cabin of the vehicle is missing the passenger door (the car is right hand drive), the grille is modified with metal 'teeth' and on the bonnet there is a tank cut in half functioning as air intake. There is also a sunshade possibly made from a bumper and another half-cut drum on the roof.

Most modifications were done to the tow bed of the truck. The rear wheels are significantly bigger. On the tow bed there is a massive hydraulically operated steel claw which was made by the special effects department. It is fully functional and its purpose is to dig itself into the ground and halt the vehicle. Near the rear window of the cab there is a seat placed directly behind a harpoon gun. The purpose of the harpoon gun is to embed the harpoon in the enemy's vehicle and drag it to a complete stop with help of the claw.

The vehicle itself is not badly damaged or heavily modified by movie's standards. All lights are there except for left headlight, there are even two emergency lights on the roof. The vehicle still has its paint although the back of the tow bed is rather rusty. The vehicle is in generally good condition.

Appearance on screen

The vehicle is first seen attempting to stop The War Rig. After deploying the harpoon and the claw the 'Claw Car #1' effectively slows down the rig, however, Max cuts the chain connecting the harpoon to the car. The 'Claw Car #1' halts to a stop and is left behind.

Appearance off screen

The vehicle was transported back from Namibia and was displayed at the Sydney Opera House Mad Max: Fury Road premiere. Currently the vehicle is in storage.


Various plow trucks, including the "Claw Car #1" were originally designed to plow through the land in search of used bullet shells and lead around the lead mining area on which The Bullet Farm was built. Not all plowing vehicles come from The Bullet Farm, some have been re-aquired from The Citadel where they served as farming vehicles. The plowing vehicles also double as powerful force for anything that needs to be stopped dead in its tracks across the Wasteland