Ford Falcon XA Sedan 1972 "March Hare"

MFP vehicle driven by Sarse and Scuttle is a 1972 Ford Falcon XA Sedan, called the "March Hare" in the movie.[1]

Technical spec. Edit

The "March Hare" is a 6 cylinder Ford Falcon XA sedan, 1972. Unlike the other two yellow MFP cars which were ex-police cars, this one was an ex-taxi. It was already worn down and in poor condition before it was used in the film, as evidenced by smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe in the movie.

Movie modification Edit

The vehicle was not extensively modified, it only uses the same fiberglass bumper lower lip as the "Big Bopper" and the roof spoiler, but it does not have fiberglass flares. It is the 2nd "Interceptor" seen in the opening chase scene, the other one being Max's Yellow XB Sedan. The vehicle is equipped with standard MFP communications radio, roof lights and sirens. As with all yellow MFP vehicles, this one has the names of the crew written on the driver's side front fender.

Appearance on screen Edit

Sarse and scuttle

Sarse and Scuttle - the crew of the "March Hare"

The vehicle is seen driven by two MFP officers - Sarse and Scuttle. According to the official Mad Max novelization, they were both pursuing Nightrider down the TransCon One almost a full day before they contacted Big Bopper's crew and informed them that they need their support. By the time Big Bopper joins the chase both March Hare and Nightrider's vehicle are damaged already. March Hare keeps chasing the Nightrider but not engaging in any maneuvers until the final moments of the chase where it goes side by side with the Nightrider's vehicle, closely avoiding a child standing in the middle of the road. After missing the child by inches March Hare steers off the road and crashes into a phone booth. As a result the car then drives onto a ramp launches, flips and lands on the roof.

Appearance off screen Edit

The vehicle already being in bad condition was scrapped shortly after the final crash sequence was shot. It is worth noting, that the film's opening chase sequence was filmed last, therefore all of the MFP vehicles - including March Hare - are later seen in the movie in various states of disguise as well as in plain sight.

Trivia Edit

  • Right before Big Bopper crashes into the Bongo Van, both Big Bopper and March Hare can be seen driving in close proximity, revealing they have the same front bumper fiberglass extensions. Immediately after Big Bopper crashes into the van the March Hare mysteriously loses its fiberglass front end despite not sustaining any damage and drives without it for the remainder of the chase.

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