Headlight Car 2

Headlights Car

The Headlights Car is a background vehicle seen in the final chase scenes of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

Technical spec. Edit

This vehicle of undetermined chassis has body made of tubes and mesh covering the engine bay. Animal pelt is covering the roof. Two distinctly placed headlights are visible on top of the front of the body of the vehicle. It is undetermined whether the vehicle is a single seater or not. In the back of the vehicle there are approximately four gas tanks and a variety of tubing indicating that the vehicle is powered by methane. The body type is slightly similar to the Pelt Car, however this vehicle seems to be smaller.

Appearances on screen Edit

The vehicle is first visible driving among the crowds in Bartertown as seen from Auntie's tower. The vehicle later takes pursuit after the train-truck, but plays no prominent role in the chase. It is mostly hidden away in the background.

Appearances off screen Edit

This vehicle seems to have not been put on display at the Sydney Motor Show in 1985, however it was kept in storage with the rest of the vehicles until 1994. After that it was sent to be destroyed along with the rest of the movie cars.


  • This vehicle has its headlights repeatedly on and off throughout different scenes in the movie.

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