This vehicle listed as Buzzard #5 on the production document is the Hillman Minx, made in 1940.

Hillman Minx

Technical spec.

The vehicle is a shell of the Hillman Minx produced in 1940. This body is placed on a frame of Mitsubishi L300 4x4. The engine is standard 1.6 litre. The steering column was moved to the center.  It is originally listed as the Buzzard vehicle, however in behind the scenes photos it does not resemble any other Buzzard vehicle in that it has no spikes. The only indication of it being a Buzzard vehicle is its rusty shell and windows barred with sheets of scrap metal.

Appearances on screen

The vehicle was not used on screen.

Appearances off screen

After the final shoot at Penrith Lakes for the final big crash scene this vehicle has been scheduled to be scrapped as requested by the production manager, however a couple vehicles have been spared, the Hillman Minx being one of them. It is currently in the hands of Adam Bird, a production crew member and it's located in Australia.


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