Jedediah and jr
None (formerly)
The Lost Tribe
Portrayed By
We're not gonna make it. Between them and us, there's not enough runway.

– Jedediah

Jedediah was a marauding pilot in the Outback who traded stolen goods at Bartertown. He flew The Flying Jalopy and had a son, Jedediah Jr.. He was portrayed by Bruce Spence in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.


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  • There is debate amongst fans regarding whether Jedediah from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome is also the Gyro Captain from Mad Max 2, as the actor Bruce Spence portrays the two characters, both of which having similar characteristics. George Miller has stated that they are in fact different characters altogether [citation needed]. The ending of the Road Warrior also states that the Gyro Captain became the leader of the Great Northern tribe. The Road Warrior novella reported that he then died felling wood in 2013.

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