Pack of marauders

Various marauder castes

Lord Humungus' Marauders were an unnamed gang of vehicular marauders that roamed the wastes of the Outback.


The Marauders were led by their menacing leader, Lord Humungus, and were one of the factions in the war for the Oil Refinery's control.

Humungus' marauders were comprised of several smaller groups, or castes, which he may have united together under his leadership. Possible side-line groups included: the Gayboy Berserkers, Dogs of War and Smegma Crazies. There was also a faction who used old MFP and police vehicles; whether these were former cops like Max Rockatansky, or bandits who had acquired the vehicles was not made clear (they obtained the unofficial title of "Bad cops" amongst the fan community).

Known MembersEdit



Production stillsEdit

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