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Mad Max
Madmax game cover
Avalanche Studios
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Release Date(s)
September 1, 2015
Open world Action-Adventure
Third-person vehicular combat
PS4, Xbox One, PC
Optical disc, digital download

Mad Max is a 2015 single-player third-person open-world adventure video game developed by Avalanche Studios.


Following the theft of his V8 Interceptor by marauders, Max embarks on a perilous journey to reclaim his legendary vehicle.[1] Max joins forces with Chumbucket, an "idiot savant sidekick", and commandeers an all-new vehicle capable of heavy customization - the "Magnum Opus". [2] Fighting his way toward his vehicle, Max will encounter many others throughout the outback, both friend and foe. Ultimately, Max quests to find the "Plains of Silence", a fabled land where he might find solace from his madness. [3]


Avalanche Studios have commented that the game is not based in any country in particular, choosing to base it more upon the mythology, or tone, of the Mad Max film series. Due to this, there are likely to be few recognizable story elements from the films within the game. This has given the developers the ability to shape a post-apocalyptic world that is distinct, yet reminiscent, of the world Max has previously explored. Several locations within the world have been revealed, including: Gas Town, a densely populated urban area; The Great White, a dried out sea-bed dotted with lighthouse-strongholds and rusted ships; and Dead Barren's Pass - an area linking the Great White with Gas Town. [4]

Prior to the apocalypse and the dehydration of the Wasteland, there existed a large city. Parts of this city still remain, including Harbourwall, an industrial area that serviced the oil refinery that later became Gas Town, an airport and a financial district. The receding seas have also unearthed a volcano. [5]



Cory Barlog, game designer for the critically acclaimed action-adventure God of War II, has seen to the game's development alongside Miller. The game has been reported to take between 2 to 2 and a half years, and will hopefully be released alongside the premiere of the film. [6]

Dr.D Studios (the animation studio Miller and Doug Mitchell founded) were originally going to develop a 3D animated film set in the Mad Max universe, but with focus on the live-action film, the studio then shifted their focus solely to the creation of the video-game title. Having acquired Team Bondi's intellectual property Dr.D Studios were going to utilize techniques that the developer used in the game L.A. Noire.

The game is not directly connected to Mad Max: Fury Road, despite being released in the same year, and was never planned as a tie-in. [7] As such, its setting and story is original and standalone.[8]

One of the reasons Miller was attracted to making a Mad Max video game was due to the potential within the video games sector, claiming it to be massive and a means forward for storytelling. [9]

"It’s four-dimensional storytelling. A game can literally become the equivalent of a novel. That is the thing that people like me who write screenplays envy about novelists: that you can actually stop time and explore little cul de sacs. Whereas in a movie, you’d love to stop and examine that character, but you can’t."
-George Miller on the videogame industry.

The first teaser trailer for the game was revealed at a Sony press conference at E3 2013. Dr.D studios were no longer involved directly with developing the game, with the developers from the Just Cause series - Avalanche Studios - becoming the main developers. [10]

There has been notable controversy surrounding Max's accent. Several journalists who attended previews of the gameplay reported that Max was portrayed with an American accent. This caused notable protest amongst fans [11], and a petition was created demanding for an Australian voice-actor [12]. Avalanche Studios have since listened to the fans and have cast Australian actor Bren Foster in the role.


The game is primarily focused on open-world car combat/racing like "Twisted Metal" in a sense, but also features on-foot combat similar to the Batman Arkham series. Vehicles in the game will be heavily customizable, and feature many parts to upgrade via collecting scrap found in the world and collected from enemies. Car combat will involve doing enough damage to the car to destroy it, or taking out the driver after peeling away enough of the car's armor to get at them. Enemy cars defeated in this way can be captured and driven by the player [13].

Customization CategoriesEdit

  • Ramming Grill: Increases ramming damage, reduces handling/speed
  • Armor: Increases durability, reduces speed
  • Engine: Increases vehicle acceleration, decreases amount of time needed to reach top speed.
  • Exhaust: Increases top speed.
  • Tires: Slicks provide better on-road grip while off-road tires work better in the dirt
  • Suspension: Increases handling, especially for heavy vehicles
  • Boost: Nitro provides a temporary surge of speed for ramming, pursuing etc.
  • Rims: Add spikes to your wheels to do additional damage to the enemy's armor while "grinding" against enemy.
  • Boarder Spikes: A defensive weapon that prevents raiders from jumping on your vehicle
  • Sniper Rifle: Provides a ranged combat option for picking Raiders off at a distance
  • Harpoon: Operated by Chumbucket, the harpoon can pull off enemy armor, grab drivers etc
  • Thunderpoon: When equipped with an explosive cap, the Harpoon becomes extra lethal
  • Side Burners: Side-mounted flamethrowers that do additional damage to Raiders, but cost extensive amounts of fuel in order to use
  • Repair Speed: Increases the rate at which Chumbucket repairs the Magnum Opus
  • Car Body: Mostly visual, allows the player to change the appearance of the car
  • Body Color: Allows for recoloring of the vehicle
  • Hood Ornament: Collected from defeated enemy caravan leaders, these provide a buff to your stats

Car StatsEdit

  • Attack - Increases damage done by your car's weapons.
  • Defense - Decreases damage done to your car by various sources.
  • Weaponry - Indicates the effectiveness and variation of your weapons.
  • Top Speed - Indicates how fast your car can go.
  • Acceleration - Indicates how fast your car can reach its top speed.
  • Handling - Indicates turning ability.
  • Boost - Indicates the potency of your Nitrous.
  • Grinding - Indicates damage done to enemy vehicles by grinding into them.
  • Repair Speed - Indicates the speed Chumbucket can repair your car while standing still.
  • Boarding Defense - Indicates difficulty of enemies jumping onto and damaging your car.

Max's Stats Edit

You can also use scrap to improve Max's gear and stats once he reaches certain Legend levels.

  • Fist Damage - Increases Max's damage output in ground combat.
  • Jacket Armor - Decreases damage done to Max's health.
  • Parry Ability - Increases parrying damage to enemies and reduces damage to you by failed parries.
  • Ammo Inventory - Increases maximum ammo capacity for all weapons.
  • Shotgun - Indicates the effectiveness of Max's shotgun.
  • Skills - Indicates how varied and effective Max's moveset is.

Tie-in motion comic Edit

A motion comic series (titled: Mad Max: Motion Comic) by DC Entertainment was released at Comic-con 2013. The series serves as a prequel to the game, and introduces Max's side-kick mechanic, Chumbucket. [14]




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