Mad max 2 novelisation

English novelisation cover

Mad Max 2 (novelisation) is the novelised story of the film, Mad Max 2. It was written by Terry Hayes, who was also the screenwriter for the film.


The novel was first published in 1982 by QB Books to coincide with the film; a subsequent edition was released in 1985, following the release of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. The novel includes movie stills from the film in the centre of the book. [1]. Both editions are now out of print.

Audiobook Edit

Mad max 2 novelisation french

French novelisation cover

An unabridged and unauthorised audiobook was produced by Audiobooks For The Damned in July 2015.

Mad Max 2 novelization (unabridged audiobook)03:13:58

Mad Max 2 novelization (unabridged audiobook)


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