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The Magnum Opus Garage is conjectural name for a location featured in the trailer for the video game, Mad Max.


The garage contains the vehicle that Chumbucket refers to as his Magnum Opus. The garage itself is made from an old ocean and railroad shipping container. It is referred to by Chumbucket as "His Tabernacle" due to a diagram of vehicle parts and assembly written on a wall in white chalk or paint. The garage is eventually destroyed with Molotovs and looted by a band of wasteland scavengers loyal to Scabrous Scrotus. After the scavengers leave, a band of survivors led by Gutgash make it their stronghold.

Mad Max The Video Game - 10 Minutes of Demo Gameplay E3 201509:02

Mad Max The Video Game - 10 Minutes of Demo Gameplay E3 2015

The portion of this video taking place at this Mad Max Location is from 0:00 to 3:30.

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