Referred to as "Buggy #8" in production documents, or simply as 'The Mini", this marauder's vehicle is a heavily modified Mini Cooper s 1964. 


Mini Cooper S 1964 "Buggy #8" aka "The Mini"

Technical spec.

A heavily modified Mini Cooper S shell from 1964 with a Holden Red straight six engine. The shell was mounted on a Holden 186 farm buggy. The buggy was a cheap eBay buy and the Mini was bought for another reason that was scrapped, so the builders decided to marry the two.

Andrew Rickard - one of the key mechanics for Mad Max: Fury Road wanted to put two gloves on the distributor at the front as a nod for the Mini owners. The glove would stop water from getting into the distributor and the engine from stopping.

[1] The vehicle had a flamethrower mounted in the cab, several molotov cocktails on the side, a roll-cage around the shell of the car, small bull bar, one functioning headlight and a set of six gasser intakes.

Appearance on screen

The vehicle is rarely seen in the movie for a good reason. George Miller hated it and wanted to push it as far back into the background as possible.[2]


  • The geometry of this car was wrong, and the car was difficult to drive.
  • The vehicle was originally half rusty and half covered in black pitch. Combined with the fact that this vehicle was equipped with a flamethrower and had molotov cocktails on the side one can assume it was originally part of the Gas Town armada. In the 


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