Nissan Skyline R32 "Caltrop #2"

Nissan Skyline R32
referred to in production documents as "Caltrop #2" is The Citadel armada vehicle mainly displayed in the background chase scenes in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Technical spec.

Very little is known about the technical spec. of this vehicle. From a technical standpoint it seems not to be modified heavily except for lifted suspension, bigger, off road tyres and enlarged fender wells.The vehicle is also missing the front end.


The vehicle was designed as a 'tounge in cheek' car for Japanese car enthusiasts. The whole vehicle is covered in computer motherboards, painted red to signify the fact that this vehicle differs greatly from other armada vehicles that do not have any electronics in them whatsoever. Having said that, the design principle for all Mad Max: Fury Road vehicles was that they should be old vehicles saved because they would not rely on electronics. Therefore the fate of this car was doomed to begin with and was supposed to be crushed by the rocks dropped at the pass by the Rock Riders. Ultimately the vehicle is not seen destroyed and it makes an appearance in the background as a filler vehicle.

The vehicle has a big spoiler in the back, the boot of the vehicle has been removed along with the rear window to make space for a lancer. There are four thundersticks attached to the back leaning against the spoiler.

Despite being designated as a "Caltrop" vehicle, it does not appear to have any spike dispensing device in the back.


  • There is an unconfirmed rumor that the teddy bear attached to the cross in front of the vehicle is an actual prop from the movie A.I. by Stephen Spielberg. The resemblance of the toy attached to the cross to actual A.I. toys is visible, however it is not determined if it's an actual movie prop or not.


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