Chief Executive of Seven Sisters Petroleum (former)
Occupier of Oil Refinery (current)
Leader of Tribe (current)
The Lone Wolf
Portrayed By
Michael Preston
Do you think you're the only one that's suffered? We've all been through it in here. But we haven't given up. We're still human beings with dignity.

– Pappagallo

Pappagallo is the leader of the Oil Refinery in Mad Max 2. He is portrayed by Michael Preston.


Papagallo and his tribe were constantly under a great deal of stress attempting to defend the town from Lord Humungus and his marauders. After Humungus offers the inhabitants of the town a chance to save their lives by walking away he has much trouble convincing them that he will not keep his promise and kill them once they leave. He has one last shot when he employs Max Rockatansky, an apocalyptic drifter who was allowed entry into the compound after rescuing a captured citizen. Max informs Pappagallo that there is a vehicle not far from there that is large enough to carry a massive amount of fuel, which would allow them to abandon the compound and escape with plenty of fuel to make it to a coastal town paradise. Max asks for diesel and high octane gasoline (as much as he can carry) and in exchange he will retrieve this vehicle and return to the compound. Realizing he has nothing to lose Pappagallo accepts the deal and sends Max on foot into the night.

Max returns the next day with a large diesel truck and is being chased by Marauders. The settlers of the compound fight off the Marauders and bring the truck inside. Badly damaged, the truck undergoes around-the-clock repair. Pappagallo offers Max a new deal, to drive the tanker to their destination, in exchange he offers him a new chance on life and to be a part of his group. Max refuses and after a brief argument, takes his Interceptor and heads into the Wastes. A few moments after Max leaves, a large cloud of black smoke can be seen in the distance.

Shortly after, the Gyro Captain leaves in his flying machine and returns with a badly injured Max who apparently was in a terrible car accident. After a short while of incapacitation Max is on his feet. "If it's all the same to you, I'll drive that tanker," said Max to Pappagallo. Pappagallo clearly states the deal is no longer open. However he reconsiders shortly after realizing Max is the only real chance he has against Humungus.

Lone Wolf

Pappagallo's vehicle

Pappagallo accompanies Max in the tanker, however he is personally sought by Lord Humungus in a vehicle behind him. Humungus launches a three bladed spear head and strikes Pappagallo in the back, killing him almost instantly. His vehicle, The Lone Wolf, bumps the tanker a few times and then drifts in the sand. He never got the chance to see if his plan was a success or a failure.


As revealed in the original script [1], Pappagallo was once the Chief Executive of Seven Sisters Petroleum, a major oil company. After 'the world crumbled' he decided to escape out into the wastelands along with a group of people.

PAPPAGALLO takes a wad of maps and puts them in his
briefcase, followed by a copy of "Whole Earth,
catalogue" and another book.  The cover reads:



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