Let me get this straight. You come here; stranger to my domain and risk your life to help us..... Desperate and capable. I think we can do business.

– Pink Eye accepting Max's plea for assistance


Pink Eye

Pink Eye is a minor character and stronghold leader in Mad Max. She and her followers reside in a large power-plant cooling tower located in the Knit Sack Region. An elderly, legless woman in motorized wheelchair after a road war that went awry severed her legs many years ago, Pink Eye is a no-nonsense, determined, and resilient leader despite her handicaps. In terms of self-defense, she is seen carrying a shotgun identical to that of Max's, but much more weathered.

Events of Mad Max (2015)

Max Rockatansky and Chumbucket after destroying The Jaw that was preventing them from entering The Dead Barrens. They scout Pink Eye's Fortress before witnessing Stank Gum and War Boys attacking the fortress, Max and Chumbucket decide to use this to their advantage.

After defeating the War Boys outside, Max enters Pink Eye's fortress. Pink Eye now surrounded by Stank Gum's War Boys and her followers, asks Stank Gum on the intent of his attack and Stank Gum responds that "it's sanctioned" implying that Scabrous Scrotus ordered the attack. As Max moves closer, a War Boy tries to kill him only for Hope to restrain and kill the War Boy. The commotion alerts Stank Gum, who orders his War Boys to attack Max.

After defeating the War Boys, Stank Gum takes one of Pink Eye's followers hostage and taps the pick up truck to leave. Hope manages to get on the truck and Stank Gum kills the follower.

Max meets Pink Eye, who is hostile to him believing him to a marauder, but Max manages to persuade her to be an ally where she agrees.

Pink Eye later tasks Max to secure a sail from top dog Pig 'N' Sticker for a voyage to the Big Nothing for her followers. After this she further tasks Max to secure food for the voyage stating that food is a problem currently. Once this is resolved Pink Eye asks Max to do one more task and that is to transport a homemade sand sled to the edge of the Big Nothing where her followers await. War Boys attack the truck while en route, but Max destroys and evades them before arriving at his destination. Pink Eye's followers detach the boat and sail into the Big Nothing.

Max expresses doubt that they will ever survive the Big Nothing and states "very few survive the Big Nothing" but he wishes them well.