The Repair Boys are a group of people that live in The Citadel. Unlike the War Boys which are the Citadel's military, the Repair Boys were mainly its industrial work force.


The Repair Boys were a work force in a place called the Citadel. They were a labor union but at the same time the leader Immortan Joe had direct control over them so they were a nationalized labor union as well. Its members would get drafted into the Warboys from time to time or in the case of Nux they would enlist. The capabilities of the Repair boys are impressive, they are the most advanced and largest group of Mechanics ever seen in the Mad Max films. They have performed some great feats of mechanics, such as the ability to transport a entire car up a giant cliff and then repair it after some period of time.
Repair Boys work on the V8 Interceptor

In this picture, the Repair Boys can be seen repairing the V8 interceptor after it having crashed much earlier. Max can be seen jumping over the top of the vehicle trying to escape their car repair factory.

They are such capable mechanics that they could even rebuild the V8, or any other car that has crashed along Fury Road as evidenced by the fact that, along the entire distance from the Citadel to Gas Town not one broken car chassis can be seen.

The Repair boys recovered all of them and recycled them into various forms, be it repaired cars, armour plating, or scrap parts to go towards the Citadel's war effort.

List of MembersEdit

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