Rock Rider Canyon

Rock Riders chasing The War Rig in the canyon

Rock Rider canyon
is a location found in The Badlands and appeared in Mad Max: Fury Road.


Rock Rider canyon is home to the bandit group known as the Rock Riders. The canyon was a key location during the road war that saw Imperator Furiosa escape with Immortan Joe's Wives. This canyon is the only known surface road wide enough for cars across The Badlands

Original concept Edit

Originally, the canyon was envisioned as a ruined city. The Rock Rider sequence was going to take place in a 'canyon of old buildings' - almost fossilized remains of a city which became almost unrecognizable at that point. The movie, however called for blocking the canyon with rocks which proved to be much easier to accomplish with a natural formation of rocks. This became the main reason for changing the location from an old city into a canyon.[1]

References Edit


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