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Mad maxs sawnoff shotgun

Max's sawn-off

The Sawn-off shotgun is a firearm which was used throughout Max Rockatansky's journeys in the wasteland.


Ammo for the Sawn-off Shotgun was hard to come by in the Wasteland. Even so, finding ammo that worked also proved difficult. For example, a shotgun shell Max found was discovered to be a dud when fired (Mad Max 2).

Max's Sawn-offEdit

The Sawn-off was used frequently by Max. When Max's family were murdered by a manic motorcycle gang, he took up the iconic sawn-off to carry out his maddening view of retribution (Mad Max). As the world crumbled around him, Max continued using the weapon during his struggle for survival in the wastes (Mad Max 2).

In the 2015 video gameEdit

The only firearm that can be used by Max on foot is the shotgun, even so, the ammo is extremely scarce, with maximum of 12 shells in Max's ammo bag. There are five different shotguns in the game: a rudimentary, single shot and single barrel shotgun, a optimized double barrel shotgun, a triple barrel shotgun, a four barrel shotgun and Max's classic double barrel shotgun from movies.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite how synonymous the Sawn Off is with Max, he has barely used it for killing, and uses it more as a tool for threatening.
  • The shells used by Max appears to be slugs rather than buckshot or birdshot, since they don't spread in the movies. That doesn't apply to the game though.

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