Scabrous Scrotus
Scabrous scrotus cropped
Chainsaw Staff
The Landmover/Modified Interceptor
Gas Town, Immortan Joe,
Scrotus' Warboys
Portrayed By
Travis Willingham
Listen, my Apostles of Awful! You've hunted well!

– Scrotus (congratulating his War Boys on overpowering Max)

Scabrous Scrotus is a villainous warlord and is the main antagonist in the 2015 video game, Mad Max. [1] He is voiced by Travis Willingham.


Scabrous Scrotus is Immortan Joe's third, psychotic son[2][3] and controls the oil within the region from his oil refinery city-state, Gas Town. He has his own faction of War Boys.

A cruel, demanding, greedy, selfish, and arrogant monster whose wickedness arguably surpasses that of his own father's, Scrotus takes immense pleasure in claiming power over his "land" and subjecting anyone not on his side to a world of fear and threat. After getting his chainsaw lodged into his skull by Max, he vows to kill him for disgracing him as such, and goes to unspeakable lengths to obtain vengeance upon him after failing to do so the first time.



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