Stacks 3

The Stacks Truck

The Stacks Truck is a very well hidden background vehicle occasionally seen in the final chase sequences of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

Technical spec Edit

Very little is known about this vehicle since it is hidden away in the background for most of the movie and makes very brief appearances at the very end. It appears to be based on a ford F-series chassis due to its size. The body of the vehicle looks very bare-bones and unfinished. The cage around the car slightly resembles Max's very own Camel Wagon, but without any accessories. The vehicle is a right-hand drive, seems to have headlights in the front, four methane tanks mounted on the outer rim of the rollcage. The car has two significantly large stacks exhaust pipes sticking out of the front of the vehicle (hence the name). It also has two horns on the roof.The wheels are protected by fenders similar in design to Max's Camel Wagon.

Appearances on screen Edit

The vehicle is very well hidden in the background of all chase scenes and is somewhat visible only in the final aerial shot over the crash scene.

Appearances off screen Edit

After filming, the vehicle was locked away in the storage along with other Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome vehicles and resurfaced after nine years in 1994 only to be destroyed.

Gallery Edit

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