Stank Gum
Stankgum cropped
Twin Knives, Crossbow Pistol
Fargo Workhorse 1941 "The Big Chief Chariot"
Portrayed By
Yuri Lowenthal
Called mah bluff, Wheels!! It finishes today. The total eradifi-fucking-cation of all, you, everything here.

– Stank Gum threatening Pink Eye

Stank Gum is a character from the 2015 video game, Mad Max. Stank Gum is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.


Stank Gum is a knife-licking psychopath who was responsible for the destruction of Chumbucket's first garage. He is the main lieutenant of Scabrous Scrotus' warboy army; a violent, despicable, and merciless killer whose only ambitions are serving Scrotus and causing terror amongst the wasteland. He wears a mask of human flesh and has detailed scarification across his chest [1]he also use a necklace decorated with human ears, his name is derived from his lack of dental hygiene, his teeth rotten and his gums blackened from neglect.

Personality and traits

Stank Gum is the most loyal of Scrotus' men and his most cruel, violent and psychotic, rivaling even his own leader. Aside from his horrible scarifications, human skin mask and obsession with murder and torture (especially scalping, that he calls "peeling"), he is also a valiant leader with an entire legion of War Boys responding only to him and an highly skilled driver, being the Champion of the Gas Town Race until his defeat at Max' s hands. He is also implied to be a show-off as evident by the fact that prior to the Gas Town race, he is seen making a boasting gesture towards the crowd.


Stank Gum was a feared raider and Scrotus' most trusted man, know for his brutality and his tendency to attack unpredictably everyone (it is implied from their dialogue that he holds a grudge especially against Pink Eye). After Scrotus is apparently killed during one of his raids by Max Rockatansky, Stank Gum starts a killing spree in the name of his fallen master. In particular, he burns to the ground Chumbucket's garage and forces him and Max to flee with the Magnum Opus. After Max manages to destroy The Jaw, Chumbucket suggests that they head to Pink Eye's fortress, only to find it under attack by the Stank Gum Legion. After Max disables the artillery trucks and kills the raiders, he enters the stronghold, only to find Pink Eye sorrounded and about to start a fight with Stank Gum. As Max engages the mooks, Stank Gum flees, cruelly slitting one of Pink Eye's "children" throat and taking Hope hostage, bringing her to Gas Town as his trophy and concubine. When the Outcrier organizes a race, he enlists himself as undisputed champion of the previous races and offers Hope as winning prize, alongside a "Big Chief" (a V8 engine). After Max recovers the lights for the Outcrier to gain entrance in the Race and gets Tenderloin's help, the two face off in the race track. Despite Stank Gum's chariot advanced and numerous weapons (including, but not limited to, mines and flamethrowers) and the costant support from his men's cars, he is eventually defeated by the road warrior and Tenderloin, but survives his car's destruction. Once Scrotus reveals himself and, fueled by his obsessive desire of vengeance against Max, starts fighting him, Stank Gum stays nearby the upper ledge of the "arena", rallying the War Boys into supporting their supreme leader. As Max, gained the upper hand, is pummeling Scrotus, Stank Gum shoots him twice in the shoulder and the chest with his crossbow , encouraging his master to take advantage of the situation. After Max is kicked down a pit and is saved in the nick of time by Hope and Gas Town's Organic Mechanic, he reunites with Chumbucket, who informs him Stank Gum has hidden the V8.