Tenderloin is a fighter the player eventually acquires in the 2015 videogame, Mad Max. She is addicted to huffing gasoline, which renders her incapable of solving her own problems, leading Max to do that for her. After reducing the threat on Pink Eye's territory, Max and Tenderloin will go to Gas Town to join a race.


Tenderloin is described by Crow Dazzle as "once one of the best fighters"; however, after contracting a debt with him, she has become an addict to "fumes" (chrome paint, gasoline, coolant...). After Max Rockatansky asks for her help as his fighter in the Gas Town race, she agrees, on the condition that he fixes her debt with Crow Dazzle. After Max does so, she manages to get herself "sober" and joins him in the race, helping him defeat Stank Gum using the Thunderpoon.

However, after they destroy the raider's chariot, they are lifted in the Thunderdome, where the secondary purpose of the "fighter" comes to light: he/she and the driver must fight to death ("two men enter, one man leaves") in hand to hand combat. Despite her great agility and her impressive skills with two curved knives, Max manages to gain the upper hand and kills her.

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