Boneyard Mongrel Front

"Boneyard Mongrel" based on The Edge Products "Ballistic" buggy with Holden HT Kingswood Sedan body.

An unused vehicle designed for Fury Road based on The Edge Products' "The Ballistic" dune buggy with Holden HT Kingswood Sedan body. Dubbed "The Boneyard Mongrel" in the movie, referred to as "Buggy #5" in production documents.

Technical spec. Edit

The Ballistic, designed for class 1 off road racing in Western Australia is the largest buggy project The Edge Products have taken on to date. (1998). Constructed from the ground up for off road enthusiast Steve Alford, the Ballistic was designed in house on a 3D Solidworks CAD station by The Edge Products owner Tony Sanger.

It features components such as:

  • Progressive rising rate bellcrank suspension
  • Fore / Aft seating layout
  • Subaru WRX Turbo injected motor
  • Automatic 4 speed Transaxle
  • 19" Twin Tyre Wheels
  • Double "A" arm suspension on all corners
  • Collapsible nose cone
  • 900kg dry weight
  • Spaceframe Chassis in CDS tubing
  • Removable tail section
  • 108" wheelbase
  • 78" Track
  • Suspension travel from = 600mm (23")
  • Suspension travel rear = 500mm (19")

Movie modification Edit


Colin Gibson next to The Ballistic before production.

The vehicle was loaned for the production of Fury Road and used as a chassis for radical body modification. The vehicle received a Holden HT Kingswood Sedan body which was cut in the middle to wrap around the roll cage of the vehicle. It was wider in the back, and narrowed down towards the front, ending with two front lamps sitting close next to each other. Also, the twin rear wheels were replaced with single wheels, twin front wheels remained unchanged.

Reasons for not using Edit

The vehicle proved to be very unstable with poor handling due to changing of the twin rear wheels & moving away from the original design concept. The original front  wheels were damaged which exacerbated the handling problems. It was also very difficult to get out of due to the buggy chassis wrapped in the Kingswood shell, which caused a hazard for the stunt drivers getting in & out. The vehicle was returned to the owner before the production moved to Namibia.

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