The Organic Mechanic
Organic Mechanic
Portrayed By
You're already a corpse!

– The Organic Mechanic

Background Edit

The Organic Mechanic is a doctor responsible for all medical procedures carried out in The Citadel. He also tattooes captured individuals with information about their health, he is capable of delivering babies, performing blood transfusion and more. His skills are highly regarded which causes him to act nonchalantly, clearly noticeable when he calls Immortan Joe "Joe" or "boss", disposing of his unborn child and playing with the umbilical cord, treatment of the War Boys and overall attitude.

He is highly ranked among Immortan Joe's army, however. He is taken aboard The Gigahorse where he performs a caesarean section on Splendid only to reveal the child is one month short of being fully developed.

He is solely responsible for Miss Giddy's death.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • A few scenes including The Organic Mechanic were cut from the theatrical release. One of them showed him defecating in the Wasteland.[2]
  • Organic Mechanic has patchy hair because he pulled them out and used them to stitch people up.[3]
  • On his body he has a tattoo of the tree of evolution (by request of the actor) and also a tally of Immortan's heirs he delivered that did not survive.[4]
  • The line "You're already a corpse" is a reference to Kenshiro's catchphrase in Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) which drew heavy inspiration from Mad Max and, Kenshiro himself from Max Rockatansky. [5]

References Edit


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