Ton Ton Tattoo

Ton Ton Tattoo was a saxophone player that lived in Bartertown. He appeared in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome and was portrayed by Andrew Oh. Not much is known about the character, although judging from appearance, he is quite possibly blind, with the pale blue tint over his iris and pupils and indeterminate stare consistent with the look of a blind man in popular culture, such as with the Marvel hero Daredevil, who was blinded in a chemical accident as a child, or the pop culture zombie, which is typically presented as mostly blind, relying on scent and sound. He was Aunty Entity's personal ambiance musician, playing various sax pieces in the style of movie music cues to set the mood in her home. This is evidenced by his taking orders from Aunty to play music that sets the mood whenever told or asked to, such as when she is telling Max about her life before the apocalypse, telling Tattoo to "play something tragic," by which he does, playing a jazz song similar to music you would hear in 1940's P.I. serials when a detective tells of the case he's following. The character is one of the least-oddly dressed in the film, wearing simply a sumo diaper, a long necklace, and most importantly to the character, his saxophone, which is almost immediately damaged in Aunty's "audition" with max, when an arrow is shot at Max, but he dodges and it instead runs through and sticks into his saxophone, throwing his song off in a high-pitched, comedic, almost cartoonish sound.

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