Vader Buggy 5

The "Vader" Buggy

The fan-named Vader Buggy is a custom vehicle seen in the final chase sequences of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

Technical spec Edit

It is very difficult to determine the chassis and the engine of this vehicle. Mainly due to massive body resembling the shape of Darth Vader's helmet, from which the vehicle got its fan-name. The front of the vehicle resembles a huge cow catcher stretching over the wheel arches. The small wheelbase might indicate a Land Cruiser chassis. The vehicle is a right-hand drive two seater. It has five methane tanks on the roof and a variety of tubing giving the impression of being powered by methane. There is also a big chrome unidentified badge on the front of the car. The sides of teh car are covered with mesh whereas the back is covered with cloth.

Appearances on screen Edit

The vehicle is mainly seen during the final chase scene, however it makes brief appearances in Bartertown. In the final chase it is not entirely hidden in the background, often can be seen driving next to star vehicles. It does not, however play any prominent role in the movie.

Appearances off screen Edit

The vehicle, as with the rest of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome cars was kept in storage from 1985 to 1994 when it was ordered by the production company to be destroyed.

Gallery Edit

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