"FDK" is a vehicle driven by the members of Gas Town in Mad Max: Fury Road. In production documents this vehicle is referred to as "Firecar #3".

Volkswagen Type 1 "FDK"

Technical spec

A supercharged V8 Volkswagen Type 1 "Beetle" with silver finish. Equipped with fuel drums, double-barreled flamethrower, dually rear wheel setup, Mercedes front wheels & triple exhaust pipes. The vehicle was dangerous to drive due to bad geometry. It wobbled all over and pulled to the right on braking on a narrow track. It was also dangerous for the stunt driver should the flame thrower had any problems because the only way out was through the back of the car.


According to Colin Gibson[1], the name of this car originated from "KdF" -  "Kraft durch Freude" translated as  Strength through Joy. KdF was a large state-operated leisure organization in Nazi Germany. KdF's most ambitious program was The "People's Car" otherwise known as the Volkswagen. In the world of Fury Road the history is always mis-represented, through meaning, purpose and language. Therefore the KDF - synonymous with the Volkswagen became a bastardization of that acronym - the FDK. Another meaning of that acronym is "Fucked" because it is difficult to drive, it's stripped of decorations and thanks to its fuel tanks installed all over it is essentially a suicide vehicle. The vehicle was never referred to as FDK on set.

Appearances on screen

The vehicle protects The People Eater's limousine and is part of Gas Town's vehicular fleet.[2]

In the game

This car appears in the 2015 video game, however, it is used by Roadkill faction instead of Scrotus' warboys. The vehicle is dubbed "Kaboom bug" and as its name implies, it is a kamikaze car, when the player presses "X" on Playstation or "A" on Xbox, the car ignites and gives the player 5 seconds to get away from the car.